Journal of Marketing Science ›› 2023, Vol. 3 ›› Issue (1): 60-77.

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Digital Intelligence Platform of New Product Development

Zeng Fue,Gong Zheng, Guo Yihong   

  1. Zeng Fue,Economics and Management School, Wuhan University
    Gong Zheng, Economics and Management School, Wuhan University
    Guo Yihong,Economics and Management School, Wuhan University
  • Online:2023-01-16 Published:2023-08-21

Abstract: New product development ( NPD) is a crucial factor for the survival and development of an enterprise. With the advent of the era of digital intelligence, the NPD environment has undergone major changes, further bringing opportunities and challenges to NPD. In view of that, this article examines the new pattern of product development—the digital intelligence platform, in response to the demands of the times, and illustrates the new environment and new trends that this platform brings to NPD, as well as its core structure, operating mechanism, essential characteristics and value creation path. Specifically, the digital intelligence platfbnn provides an" open and intelligen" development environment for NPD, thereby making the space, principal part and technology of NPD show a new development trend. Further, the digital intelligence platform adopts a layered and modular architecture. This could generates appropriate business processes for NPD involving "resource accumulation, value extraction, value application, and user-product interaction". Hence, this platform has the essential characteristics of openness, intelligence and agility. Based on these three characteristics, the digital intelligence platform provides a value creation path of "digital drive, open innovation, intelligent application, and iterative innovation" for NPD. This makes it easier for developers to absorb internal and external innovation resources and efficiently convert them into new product innovation advantages ,and thus achieve the optimal fit between new products and market expectations.

Key words: new product development (NPD) , digital intelligence platform, digital technology, layered modularization