Journal of Marketing Science ›› 2022, Vol. 2 ›› Issue (3): 1-17.

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How Does Brand Gain Legitimacy Through Identity Forming During Brand Internationalization: Based on Organizational Identity Theory

Wang Tao ,Han Linhao,Wang Kang,Cui Nan   

  1. Wang Tao ,Economics and Management School, Wuhan University Han Linhao,Economics and Management School, Wuhan University Wang Kang,Economics and Management School, Wuhan University Cui Nan,Economics and Management School, Wuhan University
  • Online:2022-07-16 Published:2023-03-21

Abstract: There are multiple reasons why multinational brands are in legitimacy distress when they are introduced into their host countries, markets.  The brands from developing countries encounter difficulties of tearing various “negative labels” off, thus leading to multinational brands under enormous legitimacy pressure.  This article analyzes the cases of the internatioanlization process of Gionee and Wiko based on organizational identity theory.  It explores how the brands build a new and beneficial identity through brand identity forming when they expand overseas for the first time.  Consequently, they can overcome the disadvantages of their original identities and gain brand legitimacy.  Researches in this article show that, during the brand's internatioanlization process, it can build a new brand identity that fits the host country market better through making optimization and adjustment to its identity label and means.  Furthermore, transnational brands need to know how to adjust their brand identity label layer and means layer selectively according to the criterion whether their home country has a comparative institutional advantage and an international model of brand.  Meanwhile, the article also concludes the content involved in constructing the brand identity's label and means, and concludes that these should be spreaded by applying relative identity communication strategies, thus helping enterprises transmit the new identity clearly to gain legitimacy.

Key words: brand internationalization , identity forming , identity communication , brand legitimacy