Journal of Marketing Science ›› 2022, Vol. 2 ›› Issue (1): 52-68.

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More Saturated, More Exciting? A Study of the Effects of Brand Logo Color Saturation on Brand Personality Perception

Huang Jing,Deng Jinlei,Liu Sha,Guo Yulang   

  1. Huang Jing,Economics and Management School, Wuhan University;  Deng Jinlei,Economics and Management School, Wuhan University;  Liu Sha,Economics and Management School, Wuhan University;  Guo Yulang,School of Business Administration, Guangdong University of Finance & Economics
  • Online:2022-01-16 Published:2022-01-16

Abstract: Brand logo is an important part of brand assets. This study took the color saturation in brand logo as the research object and studied its influence on brand personality perception. Based on the arousal theory, this study examins the different effects of high and low color saturation on consumers' brand personality perception through six sets of experiments. In these experiments , we find that no matter for cool colors ( e. g. blue or green) or warm colors ( e. g. red or orange) in a brand logo ,possessing high color saturation can make consumers perceive the excitement of the brand, while possessing low color saturation can make consumers perceive the peacefulness of the brand. Through study 2, we also find that the influence of brand logo's color saturation on brand personality perception is mediated by arousal. In the high arousal state brought by high color saturation, consumers feel excited and stimulated, thus could perceive the exciting brand personality. In the low arousal state brought by the low color saturation, consumers feel calm and relaxed, thus could perceive the peaceful brand personality. In addition, through study 3, we find that when the color expectation in the individual attribution process is manipulated, the influence of color saturation on the perception of brand personality will disappear.

Key words: brand logo, color, saturation, arousal, brand personality