Journal of Marketing Science ›› 2021, Vol. 1 ›› Issue (1): 43-58.

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Chinese Marketing: How to Move from the Realm of Necessity to the Realm of Freedom

Jiang Qingyun, Chu Rongwei, Lu Xiongwen   

  1. Jiang Qingyun,School of management, Fudan University;
    Chu Rongwei,School of management, Fudan University; Lu Xiongwen,School of management, Fudan University;  
  • Online:2021-07-16 Published:2021-10-29

Abstract: After the rapid development of the past 30 years, Chinese marketing has achieved preliminary achievements in four areas: first, academic institutions and discipline systems have been formed; second, the academic community and its research paradigm related to the former are becoming more mature; third, The dialogue mechanism between the academia with the practice and its social influence have begun to play; fourth, the international influence of the discipline and its academic research is beginning to see light. However, the development of China's marketing discipline has also made researchers in the field of marketing realize that the theoretical research of China's local marketing is weak, and has not yet developed a systematic theoretical perspective to guide China's marketing practices. At the end of the article, the future thinking about the development and innovation of China's marketing discipline is launched from three aspects: the rigor, relevance, and impact of scientific research.

Key words: marketing discipline, marketing science, rigor, relevance, Chinese market