Journal of Marketing Science ›› 2021, Vol. 1 ›› Issue (1): 114-126.

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Thoughts on the reconstruction of marketing strategy in the age of digital intelligence

Wei Jiang,Yang Yang,Yang Jia-ming   

  1. Wei Jiang,School of Management, Zhejiang University;
    Yang Yang,School of Public Affairs, Zhejiang University
    Yang Jia-ming,School of Management, Zhejiang University;
  • Online:2021-07-16 Published:2021-10-29

Abstract: The digitalization has brought big changes to the economic society, namely, virtualization of market players, digitization of factors of production, dynamization of the production process and platformization of market organizations. These four features of digitalization have further reconstructed the real management world, resulting in disruptive changes of internal and external relationships between organizations, and the underlying logics of production and operation. The nature of marketing is to answer how to solve the interactive relationship between the supplier and the consumer in the best way to realize the value co-creation. Obviously, digital technology is disrupting the traditional interactive relationship, which greatly weakens the effectiveness of the 4P and 4C marketing matrix. Therefore, we are intended to put forward the 4I (Interaction, Interest, Interface, Iteration) framework to reconstruct the marketing matrix in the age of digital intelligence. Finally, we offer some future topics of marketing strategy research and the new development direction of the discipline.

Key words: the age of digital intelligence, marketing strategy, theoretical reconstruction, 4I framework