Journal of Marketing Science ›› 2016, Vol. 12 ›› Issue (1): 18-37.

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Wechat Envelop, Do Consumers Grab or not—An Explanation Based on Mediating Role of Participation Motivation and Psychological Reactance

Li Dongjin, Liu Jianxin, Ma Minglong, Zhang Chenghu   

  1. Li Dongjin, Business School of Nankai University.
    Liu Jianxin, Business School of Nankai University; Econimics and Managemtn School of Southwest University.
    Ma Minglong, Business School of Nankai University.
    Zhang Chenghu, Business School of Nankai University.
  • Online:2016-03-01 Published:2016-05-26


With the rapid development of mobile internet technology and mobile financial payment, recetantly Wechat envelopment campaign won widespread participation and great success. Its success lied in effectively arousing consumers’ participation motivation and effectively attenuating their psychological reactance. According to the goal-path theory and messagement processing theory,Facing different Wechat envelopment information (Commericial vs.interpersonal),consumers will simultaneously take into account for participation motivation as action goal and psychological reactance as action freedom, and further process messagement and regulate focuse in different pathes, finally resulting in different participation willingness. Across four experiments, the study found that (1) participation motivation and psychological reactance individually mediated alone the influence of wechat envelopment information on consumers’ participation willingness, and furthermore the process was both moderated by self-construal; (2)They also jointly mediated their influence and so did by self-construal, and been also moderated by self-construal. The findings did not only uncover and explain the psychological mechanism of consumers’ participation in wechat envelopment, but also there were great managerial implication for business to operate successfully marketing campaigns concerned wechat envelopment to obtain consumer resource and competing advantage and for consumers to improve consumers’ participation behavior.

Key words: wechat envelop, participation motivation, psychological reactance, self-construal, participation willingness